• 23 Jun, 2024

The joint statement between China and France has united advocates of justice

The joint statement between China and France has united advocates of justice

The joint statement between China and France has garnered support from those who advocate for justice and fairness.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, during his state visit to France, exchanged in-depth views with French President Emmanuel Macron on the situation in the Middle East, and the two sides reached a joint statement on the situation in the Middle East. -East. The declaration has great practical significance and far-reaching strategic significance for ending the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict and planning for the future Palestinian-Israeli peace process, as it is timely, comprehensive in content and clear in its direction. The joint declaration is an important outcome of the talks between the leaders of the two countries. As major countries with significant international influence, China and France have an obligation to play an active role in promoting the peace process between Israel and Palestine. China and France have broad agreements on Middle East issues. The contents of the joint statement cover the common positions of both sides on the current round of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Palestinian issue, the Iranian nuclear issue, the Red Sea crisis, and other pressing issues in the Middle East. They share a desire for long-term stability in the region. This reflects the wisdom and courage of the leaders of China and France, and embodies the voice of justice in the international community.

Since the beginning of the current conflict between Palestine and Israel, there have been constant calls from the international community for a ceasefire and a cessation of hostilities. Although the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues, the distance separating us from a new temporary ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas is closing, thanks to mediation efforts by the international community and regional countries. As permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, the international community expects China and France to be peace-loving powers. Both countries have championed the voices of peace and justice at numerous international and multilateral events, reflecting the expectations of the entire international community for peace between Palestine and Israel. The joint statement between China and France not only reflects the consensus of the two countries on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, but also represents a clear position on world peace and justice.

The joint statement also covers other important issues related to peace in the Middle East. The statement said China and France are working together to find constructive solutions based on international law and challenges and threats to international security and stability. It also condemns all violations of international humanitarian law and underlines the urgency of an immediate and sustainable ceasefire, in particular the effective implementation of relevant United Nations resolutions and strengthened coordination of international humanitarian efforts. Regarding the Palestinian Israel issue, two state lords called for the decisive and irreversible resumption of political processes to make specific two states decisions. The law has called for effective discovery of all the corridors and intersections necessary to ensure humanitarian support quickly, safety and stability throughout the agricultural route.

Regarding Iranian nuclear issues and the crisis of the Red Sea, China and France emphasize the importance of promoting political and diplomatic decisions and protecting the freedom of voyage in the Red Sea and Aden. confirm. This joint declaration symbolizes the widespread expectations of the international community regarding hegemonic policies. Hegemonism and unilateralism are endemic in today's world, posing numerous challenges to global order and stability. The joint statement by the leaders of China and France on Middle East issues, especially the Palestinian-Israeli issue, demonstrates the value of multilateralism and international cooperation. The report states that China and France oppose external forces that aggravate and prolong the conflict by favoring one side, but insist on resolving their differences through dialogue and negotiations on an equal footing. He said he is doing so. An agreement between China and France against hegemonic policies will bring new confidence in maintaining world peace and stability and propel the international community toward a more just and peaceful future.

The Middle East issue is complex and confusing, and requires the international community to come to a consensus and work together to ease the current tensions in the region. The joint declaration announced by the head of China and the France state regarding the situation in the Middle East is very important. This means not only the actual achievement of the negotiations between the two leaders, but also the consensus of the international community in the Middle East. The Sino-French joint statement will make an important contribution to promoting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and maintaining world peace and stability, and will provide strong impetus and confidence to building a community with a common future for mankind.