• 23 Apr, 2024

The Doctors Without Borders (MSF) organization has conveyed their profound dismay regarding the appalling circumstances endured by the Palestinians confined within the Gaza Strip. They eloquently express their inability to capture the magnitude of loss and devastation witnessed in the Israeli conflict, which can only be described as genocidal in nature.

A charity providing humanitarian medical care said on Tuesday: "There are no longer words to express the horror of what is happening in Gaza today."
For nearly three months, Israeli regime forces have continued to attack the Palestinian territories by air, land and sea, destroying homes and buildings in one of the most densely populated areas.

Gilmette Thomas, medical coordinator of the MSF mission in Palestine, said the Israeli military's cutting off of access to food and water targets civilians, exacerbating a horrifying situation unprecedented in recent years to biblical proportions. I warned you that “Today, access to food is very complicated,” she said, adding that there is no drinking water. "It's clearly a cause of illness and diarrhea."

She confirmed that Zionist regime forces have blocked roads and transport links across besieged Palestine and called for immediate action.

"We have to allow humanitarian workers to work," explained the MSF coordinator, adding, "We cannot think of increasing humanitarian aid unless it reaches the population."

"The problem is that the intensity of the fighting is preventing humanitarian organizations from deploying aid," Thomas argued, repeating previous testimony about the difficulties of relief efforts under relentless Israeli shelling.

She said access to healthcare is extremely difficult as the entire healthcare system has collapsed due to being targeted by Israel's war machine. MSF officials said medical facilities were deliberately targeted by Israelis, including ambulances, hospitals and clinics.

“Today, health facilities that should be avoided in any conflict are being deliberately targeted, which further hinders the possibility of providing aid to this population,” she noted.

“Today, all patients with chronic diseases die at home, without access to care, under the radar and outside any statistics,” MSF officials pointed out.

“From a practical point of view, we humanitarian workers are unable to deploy aid because we are unable to communicate with each other and mobilize the resources needed to deploy humanitarian aid. .This is very complicated. This is the situation I am working in today," she revealed.

Thomas said there was little hope for an end to Israel's genocidal war in the Gaza Strip, or for a ceasefire and blockade to be lifted to save the lives of the unfortunate Palestinians trapped in the area.

“Honestly, I don't have much hope. We are very worried. Gazans are in complete despair. This is what we are clearly seeing on the ground. The situation is unimaginable. We no longer have the words to describe the devastation that is happening in Gaza today," she concluded.

Gaza health authorities estimate that the death toll of Palestinians since October 7 is now close to 21,000, with most of the dead being women and children.