• 22 Jul, 2024

Amazon launching discount section with direct shipping from China.

Amazon launching discount section with direct shipping from China.

Amazon's new shopping section represents its strongest response yet to the rise of bargain sites such as Temu and Shein.

Amazon.com is reportedly planning to launch a new section on its shopping site featuring affordable items shipped directly from warehouses in China to overseas consumers. According to The Information, which cited slides presented to Chinese sellers, this marketplace will offer unbranded fashion, home goods, and daily necessities. Products are expected to reach customers within 9 to 11 days.

In a recent closed-door meeting with Chinese sellers, Amazon disclosed plans to start signing up merchants this summer and accepting inventory by fall. Sellers will have flexibility in selecting products and pricing, and can produce small batches to gauge demand for new launches.

An Amazon spokesperson commented, "We are always exploring new ways to work with our selling partners to delight our customers with more selection, lower prices, and greater convenience."

It remains uncertain whether these shipments will utilize a US trade provision exempting individual packages valued under $800 from customs duties, as reported by The Information. Both Shein and Temu rely on this expedited clearance process for their direct-to-consumer shipments valued at $800 or less.